DUDE Wipes Founder Sean Riley on Smart Goals: Professional Presentation

DUDE Wipes Founder Sean Riley on Smart Goals: Professional Presentation

We all have smart goals, whether that is to brush and floss daily, volunteer at or donate to charities regularly, or work out and eat right most days of the week. But what about when it comes to launching a brand? What are the smart goals in creating and growing a business?

In 2012 Sean started DUDE Wipes out of his apartment with zero experience or investors.  He hated using toilet paper and knew there had to be a better way - so he created it! By networking, building the right team in the right way, and believing in himself and his product, he booked a Shark Tank deal and Mark Cuban joined the DUDE revolution. A truly inspirational story about smart goals being used in the best way possible!

BYLR® featured Sean Riley, founder of Dude Wipes - and BYLR® Calendar Club™ Member! - in a live Entrepreneur Series call. He talked about everything from how to get out of the idea phase and into the product phase, how to eliminate self doubt, prioritizing a to-do list and more - including the importance of presenting yourself and your company in a professional way - smart goals when it comes to starting and growing a business:



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About Sean Reilly:

Founder of DUDE Wipes, Sean has taken his business to where it is now wiping over 1 billion butts per year! You can find DUDE Wipes at Walmart, Target, Kroger, Amazon and pretty much anywhere else stuff is sold. Follow Sean @dudewipes and learn more about his products at www.dudewipes.com.

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