How Super Coffee Founders Learned to Be Confident and Grow Their Business

How Super Coffee Founders Learned to Be Confident and Grow Their Business

Ever wondered how you could take a business from the dorm room to the board room? Learning how to be confident is one place to start - just ask the DeCicco brothers. Jordan (COO), Jimmy (CEO), and Jake (CRO) DeCicco created the fastest-growing food and beverage company in the country [Inc. 5000]. ALL based on a dorm-room-inspired idea to create an energizing beverage that got rid of the bad stuff - and learning how to be confident when approaching retail stores for product placement, investors for financial growth, and especially in their Shark Tank appearance!

By learning how to be confident, they grew from an idea into a company with over 30 product offerings. Super Coffee has been recognized twice by Inc Magazine as one of the best places to work, and they have helped to eliminate over 4 million pounds of sugar from the American diet!

Build Your Life Resume® and The Calendar Club™ were honored to have the founders of Super Coffee as the inaugural live installment of the BYLR® Entrepreneur Series.

Jesse Itzler tees up these amazing entrepreneurs:


The DeCicco brothers’ positivity and confidence - and being open to feedback from others - helped them explode their Super Coffee business to where it is today!


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About the Super Coffee Founders:

The DeCicco brothers appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in 2018 (Season 9, Episode 22), made the Forbes 30 Under 30 List in 2019, were EY’s Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2020, and Super Coffee was BevNet’s 2021 Brand of the Year. As COO, Jordan leads innovation and operations launching over 30 new products from concept to shelf. As CRO, Jake leads our sales efforts with our retailers, distributors, and sales team selling over $200MM worth of Super Coffee since inception. As CEO, Jimmy has raised over $150MM in venture capital over the last 5 years, attracting big name investors like Anheuser Busch, 7 Eleven, Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Aaron Rodgers, Christian McCaffery, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and more. Visit for product info and to purchase!

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